Serving a wide spectrum of business and industry

The companies that rely upon Gulf Guaranty Employee Benefit Services cover a broad spectrum of commercial enterprises. Since 1990, the list of employers we are pleased to have provided with employee benefit administration services to includes:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Providers
  • Banks
  • Construction Companies
  • Municipalities, Governments and Related Agencies
  • Small, Mid-Size and Large Manufacturers
  • Food Services and Distributors
  • And More

We custom fit plans to match the needs of our clients, no matter which field they are in. We get to know their needs (one hospital's needs aren't necessarily the same as another's, after all), their challenges and the risks they face, then work with the employer every step of the way to make sure that the program is set up properly and runs smoothly.  The key steps are as follows:

  • The employer determines the benefit package. Benefits must include steerage to the provider network
  • Stop loss insurance protection is finalized
  • Overall funding rates for the plan and employee contribution rates are established
  • The plan is formally established by executing a plan document
  • A claims account is established at the employer's bank (a trust document is usually executed)
  • Benefit and plan information is communicated to employees
  • The employer funds the claims account based on a monthly billing from Gulf Guaranty
  • Claims are filed with Gulf Guaranty
  • Benefit and eligibility questions are directed to Gulf Guaranty
  • Gulf Guaranty reviews and adjudicates claims according to the plan document
  • Gulf Guaranty monitors and files any claims with the stop loss carrier
  • Gulf Guaranty provides the employer with monthly claims analysis reports

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